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Prenatal Dental Care

Healthy moms make healthy babies, and that applies to oral health, too. Regular brushing and flossing and eating a well-balanced diet will reduce your risk of pregnancy-related dental problems, but nothing can replace the benefits of a professional cleaning and thorough dental exam.

Cavities and gingivitis are the biggest concerns for prenatal dental care. Hormones during pregnancy can have an effect on your oral health, leading to increased tooth decay and plaque. Dental decay is an infectious disease that can be passed to your baby. Plaque is the major cause of gingivitis.

We recommend scheduling a routine dental exam and teeth cleaning before getting pregnant or within the first 6 months of pregnancy. Your dentist and the hygienist will take special care to clean and inspect your gums. X-rays and medications are not recommended during the first trimester. During the third trimester, sitting in the dentist chair can be uncomfortable. So, the best time for a dental exam is typically during the second trimester.

Be sure to let us know you're pregnant when you schedule your appointment. Submit our online appointment request form anytime, day or night, or call (888) 995-8095 during regular business hours. We’ll answer your questions and schedule your appointment at a Dental Health Associates, P.A. office near you.