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Jersey Smile Blog

Dental Health Associates brings you up-to-date news about the latest developments in dentistry, as well as news about our practice. If you would like to talk to our dentists about your condition or a treatment you’ve heard about, call our toll-free number, (888) 995-8095, or request an appointment online.

Jersey Smile Blog


Description of the blog

Welcome to Dental Health Associates, P.A.!

We are proud to launch our new web site, complete with a blog to bring you the latest news in dentistry and news about our practice. We are also excited about our secure patient portal and encourage each of you to register so you can request an appointment online, complete patient forms, view your dental records, and even pay your bill online!

Our goal was to make our new site as friendly as possible, so you can find a dentist, dental specialist, or convenient location as easily as possible. Plus you can learn about our range of services, access special offers, and visit our patient education library to learn about oral health and dental treatments.

If you have any questions about the patient portal or any of our services, give us a call at (888) 995-8095.